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Using UX design to improve task management

Using UX design to improve task management

There are untapped gains to be had from applying User Experience Design to operations. Several times I’ve been engaged by clients to look at how their internal processes and tools work from a UX perspective with the aim of improving efficiency, customer service and ultimately profits. In this example theĀ aim was to provide customer service staff a common platform from which to manage their cyclical workflows (such as daily routines and monthly meetings) as well as individual tasks that might arise from their normal work.

Once I’d completed my initial discovery phase I started building a prototype in Balsamiq to test concepts and ideas. As these rough sketch wireframes were tested with agents and team leaders numerous nuances emerged: from how they wanted to filter and search to how they’d want to use a minimal “mobile first” design on their desktops.

This infographic features some of the wireframe concepts, key decision and learning points behind them and why certain decisions were made.


To protect client confidentiality I have recreated and anonymised these designs.

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