I’ve pretty much shut Trump out of my feeds because he’s become largely irrelevant – but today’s support for Britain First’s narrative hit a nerve. I get the US has it’s first amendment and culture of “freedom of speech”. It’s not something we enjoy in the UK, but there you go.

But Trump isn’t a regular citizen of the US. Like it or lump it, he’s the President of the United States and he represents the political position of that nation on a global stage.

I also know he doesn’t give a 4X about what anyone thinks of him, he’s proven that time and time again.

This time though he’s given what authority he has to promote a Far Right organisation in the UK that seeds hatred and division. It’s a silly little bunch who’s main source of promotion is to get prosecuted shouting at Muslim women in the street or asking for likes on Facebook memes about Princess Diana. Unfortunately some people take their ideology to the extreme of going beyond shouting at people. Jo Cox, a British Member of Parliament, was murdered by a Britain First supporter.

Let that sink in.

A democratically elected official was killed in the street by someone inspired by the ideology of a Right Wing organisation Trump has supported.

Jo Cox was murdered at the height of one of the most divisive national debates by a supporter of the organisation Trump has shown his support for. Now they have a new oxygen to their publicity. They won’t be remembered for inspiring the murder of a politician. They’ll be remembered for being retweeted by a US President. A US President who lacks judgment so badly he didn’t consider the hurt or upset that his actions would cause.

If any captain of industry, professional sportsman or media celebrity did this they would be making apologies. Trump won’t.

The diplomatic challenge the US faces is growing. Once allies now appear willing not only to chastise the US, but to isolate it in some instances. And as he withdraws from treaties and agreements those he thinks will flock to his “America First” policy appear willing to just carry on without him.

Unfortunately dealing with the longer term fall out of his repeated ill-judged behaviour is just something the US will have to get used to. And the rest of us will increasingly ignore him.

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