I had a plan. In my plan my business was posting daily analysis, reviews, news and more. People would flock to this business and it would become a brand name well known for its insight into various aspects of business.

Alas it was not to be.

As part of this planning I spent many weeks looking at news websites. I examined what worked (and didn’t) and slowly evolved a design for my planned business I was happy with. The design was developed into a WordPress theme and for some weeks it’s been used to drive this blog.

When I realised the business wasn’t going to be viable I was left with the theme and after a bit of pondering I decided I wouldn’t waste it. Instead I spent some time with manuals and websites, working out how to build a WordPress theme from the ground up. Then I applied those lessons to this site, reworking everything into a neat package.

Introducing “Kobe News”

The end result is what I’ve called “Kobe News”. It’s designed for sites that are looking for a more high-brow news feel to their presentation. It’s easy to customise through the WordPress admin dashboard, or you can get down and dirty with the code. Either way, feel free to download it, put it on your own site and have a play.

You can download it and access the full installation, configuration and customisation instructions on the Kobe News page.

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Who is Ross A Hall?

I'm a freelance designer and writer. My clients have included Fintech startups, publishers and digital agencies. You can read more about my work here.

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