Payment Protection Insurance has been one of the UK’s big financial scandals of the 21st Century. The methods used to sell it were unethical and illegal. Banks racked up 80 per cent commission rates on policies purchasers couldn’t always claim on, were overpriced and sold as a condition of a loan or mortgage being taken out.

It’s affected so many people that an entire industry has grown up that tries to reclaim premiums for affected customers in exchange for a percentage. Of course, consumers can do this themselves and not pay the commission, but that’s business.

Concerns have long been raised about the PPI Claims “industry” and the underhand methods it uses. Fictional “clients” are used  to build social proof and little mention is made of a consumer’s ability to make the claims themselves.

This advert, which I came across on Tumblr, sums up the entire industry for me. There’s none of the disclosures they’re required to include by law and the image is dishonest at best. The smiling woman implies a successful piece of work completed by The Claims Guys. Perhaps this is a letter with details of the compensation she’s received?

Perhaps it isn’t.

The letter is from London & Partners, the company responsible for promoting London. Who the lady is I don’t know, nor why she’s excited about receiving a letter.

Either way, the PPI industry started with lies and deception, and now the industry profiting from it is doing the same.


(Screenshot captured 12th March 2017)

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