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Finally I got round to watching Star Trek Beyond

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Finally I got round to watching Star Trek Beyond

I say finally because I wasn’t overly keen on watching Star Trek Beyond. After “Into Darkness” was a bit of a mess (loved Cumberbatch, finale was “meh”) I figured I’d hang on. Then it popped up in my once-in-a-blue-moon Blu-ray splurge.

Oh gosh.

I’m sure there was an antagonist in it, pretty sure there was a driving goal our hero was charging towards, just damned if I could find them. Something about an uber weapon and Luther having no one to fight any more. And this woman who grew up on the planet fighting a stereotype “killed my daddy” type nemesis who sort of popped up out of nowhere.

Oh, and they trashed the Enterprise AGAIN.

“Popping up out of nowhere” seemed to be the name of the game for this one. Things just happened without rhyme or reason, making a lot of noise and spending CGI budget.

It’s a real shame because Idris Elba is a seriously talented actor. He’s got a brooding menace that was completely lost underneath all the makeup and effects. That distinctive voice was lost too, although why is anyone’s guess. While Cumberbatch just straight out-acted the Enterprise crew, I’m pretty sure Elba could’ve simply glared them into submission.

There was one redeeming factor in the film. Karl Urban’s portrayal of Doctor “Bones” McCoy is coming on leaps and bounds. I think he’s making that character his own now, enough of the old Bones to be familiar, enough of his own style to make it entertaining.


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