In recent months I’ve been a little quiet on the photography front. I’m desperate to do something more creative, only a mix of illness and bad timing has denied me that much. Still, every now and then we go to London and explore a little further or kill a little time.

Our visit to the top of the tower at the Tate Modern produced some mediocre images of the amazing view out across London. Some was down to me, some to the weather (it was cold and windy!) I got a couple of shots but nothing amazing.

So I had a little play.

I created channels and layers in Affinity Photo and melded them together to create a quasi-HDR image. It isn’t great, there’s a chunk of white around The Shard for a start. But it was fun to spend an hour or so learning something else about editing photographs.

My skills are fading and I know I need to do more to bring them back up to scratch. With a few little projects like this I’m pretty sure I’ll keep ticking along until it’s time to dive back in feet first!

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