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Experiments in Graphic Design with Affinity Photo on the iPad

Experiments in Graphic Design with Affinity Photo on the iPad

Occasionally I delve into the world of Graphic Design. I won’t claim to be a graphic designer, but I do enjoy creating art that I find enjoyable, even if others do not. Over time I’ve improved and I’ve reached the point where I’m comfortable enough sharing my creations.

Some time ago Serif released its Affinity Photo app for iPad. While it’s intended to be used for editing photos and images, I’ve been using it to create posters and artwork for my own amusement. Although I’ve only got an iPad Air and I’m using a cheap stylus bought from eBay, I’ve found it a useful app to explore different styles of graphic design and art.

So much so that over the Christmas break I took it on myself to create a new poster each day.

My earliest attempts were shockingly bad. In my defence I was still exploring the tools. Over time, however, I’ve become a little more adept at creating designs. The more confident I’ve become the more enjoyable I’ve found spending an hour or so of an evening with my iPad in my lap drumming up my next creation.

There are limitations. I don’t get the fine control I know I would with an Apple Pencil, and I also know a larger screen iPad Pro would be a lot easier to work with. If you’ve been following my occasional rants directed at Apple and their ever more expensive MacBooks you’ll know I’m probably going to have an iPad Pro as my next laptop. The ease with which I can create simple poster designs is making this decision far easier.

For now at least I’ll be sticking with my iPad Air 2. It’s good enough for what I need and an enjoyable toy to play with in the evening.

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