For the past 6 years I’ve been working on the design and build of operating models for new businesses, channels, products and markets. Although my talents are unique, I am usually described as being somewhere between an Experience Designer, Business Architect and Product Owner.

Working predominantly with clients looking to enter new markets or launch challenger business models, I work with organisations of all sizes to help them understand their business model, how their customers relate to it and deliver projects that improve revenues and reduce costs.

Strategic Consultancy

If you need to understand how your markets, business models and operations will evolve I can support you. From strategic research for new markets and products to designing business models, I provide clients with a pragmatic approach to strategic planning.

Customer Experience Consultancy

If you want to optimise your operations to be more efficient or effective my experience consultancy services will deliver results. I’ve been engaged by clients to design and deliver target operating models, review and innovate individual processes and provide coaching and support for senior and mid-level managers.

Business Research

Discovering the trends and new developments in operations are is a key component of my services. I constantly research the business environment, preparing briefings and reports that my clients value.

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