I design and implement cost effective customer experiences, business architectures and operating models for new businesses, channels, products and markets. Although my talents are unique, I am usually described as being somewhere between an Experience Designer, Business Architect and Product Owner.

The following are examples of my consulting and design work. If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help your business just drop me a line.

Redesigning an intranet app to improve customer service

Sometimes improving service isn’t about empowering customers. Applying UX techniques to internal systems and processes can generate a positive outcome for both service and the bottom line, as this example shows.

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Preparing an investment pitch

Putting together a powerful investment pitch meant focusing on key messages during the pitch and providing supporting documents for investors to review. Guess what: you can’t do all that in a single PowerPoint deck.

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Reworking a Mobile Dashboard App

A mobile dashboard was providing more hassle than it was worth for a contact centre business. Rather than bin it I was tasked with reworking it – and given just a week to get it done.

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Creating a Persona to Focus Design

During a project looking at how consumers switched bank accounts I constructed a series of personas to help us focus design. By pooling various pieces of research the organisation already had I created clear pictures of various customer groups. We used these to make sure we focused our efforts on target customers and not get distracted.

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