My name is Ross A Hall
I create words and pictures.

6 of them in a row. 6 tweets all directed at people with the same message:

“I appreciate the retweets”

And all with the same link to the same Social Media automation service.

It takes the shine off. It dulls the sense of engagement and participation and even appreciation. It reduces “appreciation” to an algorithm that we might not even be aware of.

So please stop it. Engage or don’t engage. Don’t fake it.

… you need to follow through on it. And after looking at the plan I made in early November I’ve realised I’m way behind on where I need to be.

No doubt there are excuses I could make, reasons why I haven’t done things, but the bottom line is this:

my plan is behind because I’ve allowed it to go that way.

My name is Ross Hall. I create words and pictures.

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