Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard misses the mark for touch typing

Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard misses the mark for touch typing

Apple’s “butterfly” keyboard seems to be a bit of an Achilles Heel for their product line. I’ve seen many reports of them failing and keys becoming unresponsive. Given it’s been in the wild for 3 years it should be fixed by now.

My experience with the keyboard isn’t great. I find it imprecise and inaccurate for touch typing. The copy I produce with my MacBook Pro often slips into barely comprehensible mistakes. It’s so bad I’ve abandoned it for everything but the most basic of editing.

What this has brought home is how important a good keyboard is. Positive feel, confidence keys are being pressed in the right order, lack of hardware issues, these are things that matter far more than slim-and-sexy-look-at-me innovation. It’s telling that most of my writing uses a half decade old “Magic” Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad Pro.

I admit the slick design of the MacBook Pro seduced me when I handed over (a lot of) my hard earned cash. Nearly a year later I can’t help thinking I’d have been better off buying something less expensive and with a better keyboard.

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