My name is Ross A Hall
I create words and pictures.

Support your local designer

March 7th, 2016

Sometimes designers come across as a bunch of prima donnas asking for high fees for little value. The mainstream press will occasionally lambast the latest “logo redesign”, while MPs will question the value of creating brand identities (then complain when Government efforts to promote something fail).

Yet design is one of our greatest exports. British designers, regardless of discipline, can be found throughout the world shaping the products we use, the brands we interact with and even the societies we live in. We should be more mindful of this, more proud and a lot more supportive.


Are Kraftwerk a techno act?

February 28th, 2016

I was watching a documentary on the BBC about Kraftwerk when one of the contributors described them as “Techno”. It didn’t sit comfortably with me as a description.

Sure, I know a lot of bands have been inspired by their music and sound, and samples can be heard throughout the electronic dance music genre. But are they really techno?

I prefer to think of Kraftwerk as something that sits outside of a specific type of music. Their strong visuals and tracks that vary from minimalist melodies to industrial noise has always seemed to defy the comfortable pigeon hole of a label. They’re more artists to me whose medium happens to be (predominantly) sound.

My name is Ross Hall. I create words and pictures.

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