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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

This website is intended to promote my professional services. These are provided through a service company I own called Dalmeny Close Ltd. This company owns and operates the website and is the “we” referred to below.

1. Your privacy protected

As a business based in the United Kingdom we respect your privacy and adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation. What this means is:

  • Any data we receive is treated as private and confidential
  • We only collect the data we need to manage the business
  • Nothing we collect is sold on to third parties
  • We don’t add you to mailing lists just because you’ve contacted us.

We use the services of various cloud based product providers to run the business, which means transferring your data to them. As some of these companies are not EU based it does mean your data is sent overseas. Where this happens we make sure their contractual data protection provisions are at least as strong as our own and meet relevant UK requirements.

The only time we will disclose your data to someone else outside of the normal running of the business is if we’re presented with a correctly formed warrant or other legal notice requiring us to disclose data.

If you want to see a copy of the personal data we hold about you please contact us by email.

2. Cookies

We use cookies to help manage this site. This includes:

Using Google Analytics to help understand how visitors find and interact with the site; and

Using our own cookies to control certain features and pop-ups.

The cookies are limited in scope – we do not track people after they have left the site and do not obtain information on behaviour prior to arrival, other than knowing which site or search terms brought you here.

3. Email Contact

We do email individuals and companies as part of our research in order to find suitable companies and products to profile, identify interview candidates and other activities associated with our research.

Our regular email communications are only sent to individuals who have requested them. Subscriptions to our newsletters and briefings are only obtained after confirming a subscription by email, or by registering to receive them as part of membership of this site.

Other communications are sent by email to clients and active prospects only as part of our normal business dealings.

4. Changes to this policy

We may make changes to this policy from time to time in accordance with our general terms of business. We will notify subscribers, registered users and clients by email when these changes are made.

5. About Dalmeny Close

Dalmeny Close Limited is registered in England. Our company number is 07550233 and our registered address is 20-22 Wedlock Road, London, N1 7GU.

Everything on this site is copyright of Ross A Hall or Dalmeny Close Ltd, unless specified otherwise (for example we occasionally use creative commons images).

Last updated 20th May 2017.


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