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1. Use of Site

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2. Restricted Content

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3. Subscriptions

If you provide your email address to us for the purposes of receiving regular communication (e.g. our newsletters or briefings) you agree to the following:

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4. Participation in Surveys and Research

If you participate in our surveys or research you agree to the following:

You grant us permission to use your responses in our research and analysis

You grant us permission to use selected quotes in our research. Any quote will not to be attributed to an individual or organisation without express consent

You grant us permission to retain your responses and use them in other research should we deem them suitable.

5. Liability and Warranty

Content is provided for information purposes only. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any actions you take based on our Content.

We take every reasonable measure to ensure our Content is accurate at the time it is published. Opinions and judgements offered are provided using the information available at the time they are made and can change at any time.

The site and Content is provided on an “as-is” basis. We do not provide any warranty or guarantee that the site will be accessible, content is accurate or there are no technical errors.

6. Data protection

We maintain a separate privacy policy, which is accessible here. This policy forms part of our terms of use.

7. Jurisdiction

By using this site you agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of the English courts. Any claim or complaint is to be made through the Courts of England.

8. Amendments

We reserve the right to make amendments to these Terms at any time. Where you are a Subscriber we will send a separate notice to you by email informing you of these changes. If you are a visitor it is your responsibility to ensure you review these terms from time to time.

9. No waiver

Our failure to insist upon or enforce any provision of these terms of service shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right of Dalmeny Close.


Date of last review: 20th May 2017

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