The way Behance displays artwork sucks

The way Behance displays artwork sucks

Some of my artwork found its way onto Behance. I was told this was “the place” to post my projects and show off my dubious talents. Perhaps, but my work won’t be there.

Instead of allowing the creator to present their work in the best way possible, Behance insists on a quirky approach that’s completely at odds with anything else I’ve seen. The result is an appalling “first impression” that screams web developer laziness.

What’s causing my angst?

The layouts are designed to show the image at 100% screen width.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a landscape, square or portrait image, your artwork is shown at 100% wide. That 100%, by the way, appears to be 1440 pixels.

Instead of seeing the whole artwork and being able to click to zoom in (like pretty much every other portfolio site out there), you see the detail, then click to zoom out. 

A quick chat with their support team revealed this is how it’s supposed to work. So either they’ve got some amazing secret source no one knows about, OR their developers haven’t worked out how to fit an image in a 100% wide, 100% high div.

My work isn’t on Behance and won’t be there anytime soon.

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