Digital advertising continues to grow in 2018

Digital advertising continues to grow in 2018

Digital advertising spend in the UK appears to be maintaining its strong growth. The Advertising Association is predicting 2018 will see a 6.3% increase over 2017, with £11.4bn being spent.

Growth in Internet advertising is slowing though, with spend rising 13.3% on last year’s 14.3%. More worrying is growth in mobile spending has fallen by a third and may fall by nearly that much again in 2019. That said, it still commands the lion’s share of the advertising budget.

Advertising on pieces of paper continues to fall. Direct mail, news and magazines all experienced drops in spend. A rise in spend with digital news brands suggests advertisers are following consumers.

Perhaps surprisingly, traditional “broadcast” media (TV and radio) increased. VoD and digital radio grew significantly, but the lion’s share of spend remained with traditional channels.

Overall ad spending looks strong. For smaller publishers and blog sites there is money to be had, provided a worthwhile and loyal audience can be found.

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Infographic showing advertising spend through 2018

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