Revisiting a bad exposure

July 23rd, 2016 by Ross A Hall

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A while back I did a street shoot where some things went a little wrong. I didn’t quite get the images I wanted and while I “rescued” one I was never entirely happy with it.

After I started using Affinity Photo I thought I’d go back and revisit this set to see whether there was anything I could learn about post-processing. I found another one and¬†with a little¬†exposure adjustment managed to get it into shape, creating something that reminds me of a faded photograph I have from one of my very earliest photography sessions on a Kodak.

Any more I can save?

I also attacked the following one. I’m not 100% convinced, but I think it has merit in its own right.

Wrong Exposure

The lesson? Never give up, never surrender

I don’t like to give up on images I think have potential. So next time you spot an image you’re not keen on give it a go. You might surprise yourself.

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