How I use simple graphics to keep people interested in a long read

July 4th, 2019

On another site I wrote a piece on finding ethical influencers. It ran to a little over 700 words, which while not huge, is quite a lot of text to wade through.

Being a good SEO person, I inserted some headers, as much to break up the text and signpost the reader through the major themes. It still looked dull on the page though.

Rather than leave it, I decided to create some images that complimented the themes. There was already a hero image designed that led into the article, the one at the top of this page featuring an anonymous head and shoulders surrounded by some well known social media logos. This person became the common thread, adding speech bubbles that led into the topics.

They’re simple images, didn’t take a huge amount of time to create and are quite small. They added a splash of colour to a page that might otherwise look like an imposing amount of text.

They had a positive effect as well. There was a noticeable increase in visitors staying on-site and interacting with different elements further down the page.

It’s worth considering whether to experiment with small images and graphics throughout longer pieces of text. They may help visitors find their way through your long read.

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How I use simple graphics to keep people interested in a long read

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