UK’s Plastic Waste Problem : turning web content to a new use

UK’s Plastic Waste Problem : turning web content to a new use

Plastic pollution is a hot topic in sustainability. Reducing the use of plastic in our lives is becoming an objective for every brand. Disposing of or recycling what we do use has become a responsibility for everyone.

Before it closed down I wrote an analysis of the UK’s recycling capability for These Social Times. There were some worrying issues I uncovered, such as the low rates of recycling and how South East Asia was being used as a dumping ground for plastic waste.

After being posted on the blog, I reworked the article to include in a PDF download of popular and insightful articles. It was designed as a magazine article, with my original notes and factoids turned into graphics.

Design Layouts

Page layout for a report on plastic recycling in the uk
Page layout for a magazine feature on plastic pollution in the UK

The UK’s Plastic Waste Problem

The article was reworked to sit across two 2 page spreads.

The copy was relatively short and once set out in two columns covered a page a quarter. To add weight I designed three graphics to illustrate different aspects of the analysis. Each was intended to be a different style to keep the reader’s interest with a specific factoid that supported the main narrative.

I used a green palette to mirror the environmental theme, although the same shade was not used twice. Fonts were taken from the brand specifications. I used bold black lines to separate the graphics and text.

A full page cover was used for the article. The image was sourced from Flickr creative commons. I used a translucent backing strip to the text to help it stand out from the background.

Bonus Content: The Coke Bottle

Coke bottle explained as a symbol of plastic pollution, but is it fair to complain to Coke when people leave them lying around?

An additional piece of research about the ubiquitous Coke Bottle became a 2 page spread in the document. Designed as a full page insert, the piece set out a potentially controversial opinion about the Coke Bottle. The bottle sat in the middle of the page, with bold lines used to place emphasis.

The placement of the bottle meant a reader looking at one page instead of the double spread, would still see a part of the coke bottle on the screen. This ties the piece together.

Creating PDFs from Web Content

Web content can have a second useful life. Taking a selection of blog posts and turning them into a downloadable PDF or eBook could bring in prospects and leads. Applying some solid editorial design to your downloads will make them appealing, more likely to be valued and help build your brand.

This layout features in my portfolio.

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