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My notebook is where I keep random notes, experiments and bits of research. Some of these become full posts in time, others stay here for prosperity.


Influencer hero image

Influencer hero image

Created this one for a piece on Influencers that started here and migrated over to my business website.

I used rotoscoping on a base image, then dialled back the detail to create something more abstract and illustration like. Finally I made changes to the colouring until I had something original.

Thing is, I can’t remember which image I used or where it came from. Guess that shows how homogenous Instagram’s become.


A socket as a fuel pump

A socket as a fuel pump

I use “Crazy 8s” and “Crazy 4s” when I’m coming up with ideas for my work. This was a sheet I did for promoting electric vehicles that went nowhere.

The “Crazy” method is pretty easy. Just fold a sheet of paper until you have 4 or 8 cells. Then you get 20 seconds a cell to sketch an idea. Hit 20 seconds, move on to the next.


A to-do list from September

A to-do list from September

Todo list from a few months back. I was clearing out my content, reducing the rubbish on my website and looking for some focus.

Rather than use a sophisticated web based to-do list, there are times then a sheet of paper and square boxes does the trick. In this case it was a digital sheet of paper using Paper on my iPad.

Might have been a bit harsh about Flickr.


How do I reduce the number of emails in my inbox

Thinking about how to reduce the number of emails that find their way into my inbox. I listed out the different ways I manage my emails and thought I’d put them into an article of some sort. I never got round to it.

Here’s my top tips…

  • Filter out newsletters. Every month I clear down and unsubscribe
  • Do email at set times in the day.
  • Use the inbox as a to-do list. It stays there until it’s done.
  • Archive threads by printing to PDF and filing. WHY? Important contract stuff might be lurking in there.
  • Use snooze (only for emails that need a thoughtful reply).

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