Keeping it backed up : my own humble approach

Keeping it backed up : my own humble approach

One of the challenges we have as photographers is keeping everything backed up. Just my personal photos exceeds 25GB of storage on my Mac and it’s growing exponentially as file sizes increase with better resolutions. Add to that more than 500GB from photoshoots, manipulations, composites and artwork and my storage needs become quite demanding.

Of course all of this is backed up. I have a physical backup in my home and every couple of years I replace the drive to prevent me losing anything from a hardware failure. Added to that I have cloud backup too, so if the house goes up in flames or is broken into, I still have everything safe and sound somewhere else.

So that’s my backup plan (for what it’s worth). Everything gets stored on an external drive at home and then uploaded to my Cloud. On my Mac I only keep my family photos and whatever I’m working on at the time.

Maybe not ideal, but it works for me.

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