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Deciding whether to press “Go”

August 5th, 2018 by Ross A Hall

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Looking at the budgets and projections I made for next year has been an interesting exercise. My budgets were always on the conservative side, giving me more wiggle room than I might have required. With a lot of uncertainty about the move overseas now gone, I’ve started to mull over whether to press the “live” button on the new look Dalmeny Close a bit sooner.

There’s a couple more weeks worth of work to be done, with a website design to finish converting to my CMS and some imagery that has to be created. After that’s done I’ll be in a position to start pulling together the content and research I need.

My next decision, I think, is whether I should go all-in now rather than wait until the end of the year. There’s pros and cons to both, not just financial ones either. My current plan has me promoting work created during December in January, timed to give me breathing space while I settle in to the new country. At the same time, getting started now would mean hitting the ground running when I get there and allow me to focus on one new thing at a time.

There are also some emotional considerations too. My father has likened what I’m doing to retiring – 30 years of business change experience is being set to one side to pick up on the things I truly love doing. Not utilising my full digital skillset is also frustrating and I think I’ll end my career on a whimper rather than a bang.

A few decisions need to be made over the coming 3-4 weeks. If I’m going early I’ll need to be fully committed to the new business by the end of September. If I’m following the original plan it’ll be the start of December.

Who said relaunching a business was easy!

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