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Finally I saw Dredd

August 31st, 2013 by Ross A Hall

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Finally I got to see Dredd. After the complete horlicks that was Judge Dredd and with it being shot in fashionable 3D I was a little concerned that this was going to be another Hollywood massacre of much loved British culture.

I need not have been afraid!

Urban pulled off a brilliant Dredd, helped no doubt by the decision not to have him remove his helmet. The story was gritty and raw enough to be a decent interpretation of what I remember from the comics. The way 3D was used to bring slo-mo to life was excellent, and whilst there were a couple of obvious “let’s do a 3D thing here” moments, overall it didn’t detract too much from what was happening on screen. Yes they played with the universe, although it always seemed to link back to 2000AD and seemed more like a genuine reinterpretation than a blanket axe attack.

I know Urban has said he’d like to do another if the fans want it, and I know it was put together by people who actually knew what Dredd was about because they grew up with him. So here’s hoping we can see more in the planned series.

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