How to create your own Twitter bot network

How to create your own Twitter bot network

The UK has seen an uptick in bot networks. You can spot them a mile away: they’re the ones echoing the same message over and over. The accounts quickly die, but how you do you create strong, credible looking fakes that are bound to draw your audience in and encourage them to amplify your fake news?

A recipe for botnet success

For this recipe you’ll need a few dead, hacked accounts that were probably set up years ago, then forgotten about. Ideally something in the 2010-2013 age range if you want some extra credibility.

Take the account over and delete everything. There are plenty of tools you can use to do this.

(You don’t have to do this step because no one other than a die hard investigator is going to scroll through all those messages you’re about to pump out)

If you want, you can change the account handle to something that supports your messaging. Including a few hashtags to attract your audience can help.

Also don’t forget you could swap the image out. Of course, the original owner might have a cutesy head and shoulders shot.

Now hook it up to your “Social Media Management” tool of choice and away you go. You can blast out the same message over and over. And don’t worry about the account being locked – it takes 30 seconds to release it, or you can burn it and move onto the next one.

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How to create your own Twitter bot network