The philosophy of surrealism

I love surrealism. My first introduction to it came when I saw Salvador Dali’s melting clocks when I was studying A level art. I found them fascinating and his work inspiring. Indeed, my “head on a wine glass” may not have won awards, but it did manage to give my art teacher nightmares!

For years I associated surrealism with free thinking and radical paintings and artworks. It is only in the past few years that I’ve become aware of its origins in the world of photography. Some of the works I have produced (and will produce in the future) would sit comfortably with a surrealist label attached.

Behind the apparent chaos there was a philosophy – of sorts. Knowing what it is helps to understand it (in part at least) and may perhaps create a little inspiration of its own.

There are many quite interesting and compelling books written on the subject, but this brief and simple listing from Design Observer offers the best overview of the philosophy of Surrealism that I’ve encountered.

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The philosophy of surrealism