They’ve reworked the office and now it’s shit

They’ve reworked the office and now it’s shit

The team I was working wastold to go work in the new office to create some buzz. Apparently that was the word that came down from the CEO. So we rocked up. And failed.

The office design is corporate. It has the look of something that a committee got hold of after the designer made their pitch. There’s break out areas and sofas and high desks for hot desks.

It’s a silent, sterile environment. High monitors discourage conversation, killing our casual back-and-forth discussions. When we put music on to end the silence there are complaints.

And the rules. Oh, the rules.

No coats on the back of the chairs extends to hoodies, cardigans and other clothes you’re not wearing. No eating at the desk (no, not even if you’re stacked and on a deadline). There’s a document with the rules if you can be bothered to read them.

So now the team’s demotivated and frustrated. We’re actively looking for ways NOT to work in the office. Our buzz and camaraderie has started to fade. It feels less like a creative team and more like a bunch of people sharing the same office.

If the aim was to create a dynamic, forward thinking working space it has failed.

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