Twitter is suspending accounts and I can’t tell why


There seems to be some general weirdness going on at Twitter. For the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed once active accounts vanish from my timeline. A quick check shows they’ve unfollowed me and a quick review of their profile shows they’re suspended. as Twitter are clamping down on bots and spammers.

Perhaps unsurprising as Twitter are clamping down on bots and spammers.

However, one evening a surprised voice reached me from beside me on the sofa. My wife had been suspended. No reason was given, just a demand she log back in, confirm her phone number and tap in a code.

Unlike the 10,000+ accounts that run around, Takako’s account has about 40 followers and she tweets mostly in Japanese.

Quite why this has happened isn’t clear. She doesn’t use automated scheduling for tweets, nor any of the unfollow services like Crowdfire (who seem to be back in business). The only thing that comes to mind is she prefers to use Tweetbot than Twitter’s own app on her tablet.

Strangeness indeed, but it kind of presses home that word of caution that’s so often offered by hardcore bloggers. If you rely on a social media platform as your only way of reaching an audience you’re screwed when it gets switched off.

Update: 15th March ’19

I awoke to discover more than 30 accounts I follow had been suspended. As I manually check each account I follow and unfollow (yes, really), I think I may have a hint of what’s going on.

My wife uses Tweetbot to read and post – she prefers it to Twitter’s own client on her iPad. The accounts suspended this morning predominantly used social media tools to post, and had high follower counts. I’m guessing Twitter’s tools are throwing up exceptions around accounts that are API driven.

Worth considering when you’re planning your social media strategy.

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