For the last time: Watford is not in London

For the last time: Watford is not in London

We see it everywhere. Watford FC is described by some as a “North London Football Club”. The Harry Potter tour is in “London”. Watford is in London.

Only it isn’t.

We don’t get to vote in the London Mayoral elections. TFL doesn’t support projects to improve the underground network because we’re not in London. Our administrative district is Hertfordshire, not the GLA.

In the coming weeks we’re no doubt going to hear about the NATO summit in London. Only it isn’t. It’s at The Grove in Watford, which isn’t in – you’ve guessed it.

The obelisk used to mark the edge of London. In the early days of the railways, transport into the capital would pay an extra tariff. One of the reasons Watford Junction grew into an important hub was to avoid this. Cargo would be loaded or unloaded and save the merchants the extra tariff.

It’s true that Watford is important to the city, and it is included in the Greater London Urban Area (as does much of the South East), but we are not In London.

I hope feature writers and journalists will give the town due credit when the NATO bandwagon arrives here. I suspect they will not.

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