We should have left for Kobe

We should have left for Kobe

We should’ve been getting on a plane to Osaka this morning. It was supposed to have been a day of mixed emotions: excitement at the life in Kobe we were going to make for one another; sadness at leaving the UK behind.

Takako will be in a reclining chair, just as we hoped. Professionals will made a fuss of her in a calm, easy way. We will laugh and joke. She’ll nap. I’ll eat too many snacks.

This won’t be the cabin of an Air France flight.

This will be a chemotherapy suite.

Our new life is temporarily delayed and our “Plan B” has swung into action. A delay of eighteen months, we hope. Then we’ll board a flight for Osaka, just as we planned, a little older and wiser.

Until then some of the things we wanted to do with business and friends will have to wait. Some will happen here instead. Things are being shuffled around and priorities reset. Our new life won’t be a “big bang”, but a gradual transition.

For now our focus is on more immediate problems. A few things have started to happen, many are being held off until we have more energy and motivation.

Fuck cancer.

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