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Why my faith in scientists is under threat

November 26th, 2013 by Ross A Hall

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I’m rapidly losing my patience with scientists at the moment …

“Scientists” are using attention grabbing headlines to self-promote in ways that isn’t supported by the evidence they present;

The arrogant behaviour of some “scientists” towards those who do not share their opinion increasingly sounds like priests preaching;

The inability of disciplines to see beyond their box at potential wider issues and implications is a disturbing side effect of super-specialisation.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to go religious on you. I’m just becoming tired of listening to the science community increasingly become the thing its members have argued against. It is becoming a religion, demanding its followers do so without clear explanation and criticising those who stand up and ask it to be held to account.

The arrogance of science at the moment is disturbing. Hubris is brewing, which is either going to lead to a monumental scientific cock-up or give enough wriggle room for the non-scientists to start to dictate policy.

So please, scientists, write headlines that are supported by your data. Instead of rubbishing an argument offer to debate and enlighten. Accept that there is a possibility that Einstein might be proven wrong at some point in the future.

Because when your most ardent supporters start questioning whether you’re doing the right thing you must recognise there’s a problem emerging.

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