Will we all be working from home? TL;DR: no!

Will we all be working from home? TL;DR: no!

If the Twitterverse is to be believed, we will all be working from home once the Coronavirus Pandemic settles down. It is true a lot of us have worked from home, and more companies are looking at it as an option.

Sadly, “we” depends on how you look at the data.

(Disclaimer: this is based on UK data from the Office for National Statistics).

My estimate is 20-25 percent of the UK workforce could work from home. That is, they’re in a role that has the potential to be home based assuming no other factors influence it. For example, people working in banking could work from home (hold that objection you’ve thought of).

Once you start making assumptions about the type of work that number starts to fall dramatically. Back to banks – a large part of the banking workforce are in branches where face-to-face contact with customers is needed.

In all, I think around 5-7% of the UK workforce are in jobs that could sustainably be home based.

What do I mean by sustainably? If you need to physically interact with other people regularly or use machinery then you might not be able to work from home.

This stacks up with my past experience where “work from home” initiatives have been disruptive in some companies. You might want to read my article on remote working for deeper insights.

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