Cate: Black and White Portraits

Cate: Black and White Portraits

I worked with Cate many years ago. It was a single shoot, meandering across a number of different themes and styles. We took in a bit of editorial, some glamour, swimsuits and portraits.

The shots languished on my hard drive for a great many years. I shot her as phase in both my life and career as a photographer was coming to an end. The desire to share these images kind of went on hold.

Occasionally I came back to them. One was used for an early experiment with Affinity Photo just after it came out. Otherwise they stayed stubbornly out of sight.

I decided to get them out, give them a brush down and see what had stood the test of time. More will follow, but for now enjoy these three black and white portraits.

You can buy prints from my DeviantArt account.

Black and white portrait of a model called Cate
Black and white portrait of a model called Cate

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