Jamie Oon : dancer, actress, model, badass

Jamie Oon : dancer, actress, model, badass

Jamie is a dancer and actress hailing from New Zealand who found her way into the UK. When the camera wasn’t on her she could be found practicing a dance routine or two.

This was the first outdoor shoot I did with my then new Canon DSLR. So as well as trying to capture shots, I was still working out how to use the thing. Oh, and I had completely the wrong lens.

Still, it was fun.

Jamie Oon in a white coat on a path in Greenwich
Jamie Oon side stretch on a bench in Greenwich

When I was setting up shots, Jamie didn’t stand still. She was always dancing and moving around, laughing and joking…

Dancer shows off her dance moves

Also worth remembering it was a cold day in Greenwich. Even so, Jamie insisted on shooting this one in a thin dress (and the hero above in a vest).

Asian girl in a black dress climbs on a tree

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Jamie Oon : dancer, actress, model, badass