Photographs from November: churches, boats and lights

Photographs from November: churches, boats and lights

November was a little quiet on the photography front. While I went to London a couple of times, the crowds were overwhelming. It made capturing images a bit difficult. I was also inspired by a couple of photos I saw in the British Museum, but more on that another time.

Two people walk past a mural - Street Photography in Kobe, Japan

Lo Mo, Kobe Harborland

A couple walk past a mural in Harborland, Kobe

Boat Trip in Osaka

A tourist boat passes under a bridge. A moment later it passed the famous “Running Man”.

A tourist boat passed under a bridge - photography from Osaka in Japan
An anti-China protestor marshals protestors across the street - Street Photography from London

Hong Kong Protests (in London)

Encountered during a walk in London with some friends. If you don’t know what’s happening in Hong Kong you’ve not been paying attention.

A Church in Wendover

Part of a small series of images of churches I’m working on. Chesham has already been photographed and more will follow. This image is available as a print.

Buy on DeviantArt

The parish church in Wendover, England
British Museum as the sun starts to set

The British Museum

We took a short visit to The British Museum to see a small exhibition on artefacts from the temples in Nara, Japan. As we walked back to the entrance the sun was setting and cast a beautiful light through the glass roof.

Dr Martens, Carnaby Street

While I hate crowds with a passion, I enjoy the lights in Carnaby Street. Not just the Christmas lights either.

Dr Martens in Carnaby Street, London

New creative commons images on Flickr

A few new images found their way into the Creative Commons gallery on Flickr. For the most part they’re autumnal themed. Feel free to download and abuse them!

Don’t forget, if you like my photography I have a small selection of prints available on DeviantArt.

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