Photographs from December: Reliants, Thunderbirds and shorter nights

Photographs from December: Reliants, Thunderbirds and shorter nights

December saw the end of 2019 – and the decade of the 2010s come to a close. My photography suffered a little (again!) as a major project I was working on took a bit too much of my time. Let’s hope January gets me out and about a bit more.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few highlights from the month…

Reliant Scimitar

Reliant are better known for their “see a corner and fall over” three-wheel Robin. They also produced a sporty ‘Shooting Brake’, the Scimitar. This one was seen in Princess Risborough.

Fun fact: If you see one you’re legally obliged to cough and proclaim, “Princess Anne had one, you know.”

Thunderbird 2

Sadly December was the 7th anniversary of Gerry Anderson‘s death. Thunderbird 2 was my favourite of all his creations and this little piece of die cast joy came my way one birthday quite by chance.

Thanks, Gerry.

Thunderbird 2 from Gerry Anderson's classic 1960s TV show The Thunderbirds
Sun over Watford on 23rd December 2019.

Days are getting longer again

Winter started with the solstice on 22nd December. With it comes the gradual lengthening of the days. This was shot mid-morning on the 23rd. I’m looking forward to the sun reaching higher above the horizon.

Surrealism makes a return

I started experimenting with my photography again after rediscovering one of my old books on surrealism. More will come over the coming weeks. For now enjoy this slightly disturbing portrait.

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Surrealist portrait using double exposure
Diorama of a street in Osaka circa 1930

Osaka, 1930

A street scene painstakingly set out in miniature. It depicts Osaka around 1930 and is part of the exceptional “Osaka Living Museum“.

A retail display

An old Citreon van finds a new lease of life as a retail display in La Collina, Japan. La Collina is renown across the country for its Baumkuchen cakes, and attracts large crowds to its quirky factory in Shiga. The site is worth a visit for its madcap style, but if you don’t want to wait in a queue for an hour to buy a cake, pop into the nearby town where their shop will happily serve you the same thing for less wait.

Citreon van used as a retail display at La Collina in Japan

And finally…

I had a little fun with Lego about half a decade ago. The images resurfaced during a clear out, so they got an bit of an airing on Twitter.

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