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Brexit is going to get someone else killed

February 4th, 2019 by Ross A Hall

Filed under : Politics

I spent a few hours on the weekend exploring various Brexit themed hashtags on Twitter. As expected, there was much argument and intransigent positions as both sides of the debate dug in. The same names and voices appeared over again, whether directly in the discussions or references by others.

Increasingly the “discussions” have turned to violence. There is open talk of civil unrest and mass demonstrations. Individual MPs are picked out for “beheading” or the “gallows” for being “traitors”. Cromwell is being raised as a hero whose armed coup should be used for inspiration.

Whether these are idle threats from keyboard warriors or not is irrelevant. The increasingly hostile tone of Brexit is gathering pace and it will not be long before people are hurt or killed. Sadly, I see no one in a position to stop it.

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