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Part of my work with content is to create visuals that support and extend the message. The following are examples of my work. They show what I can produce, as well as some of my thinking behind the designs.

Mini Infographic for Report

Created for my research on mobile page design for fashion websites, this graphic sets out how companies are designing hero images to promote their products. I used an idealised image from my stock library, then high-lighted the common elements found in images. Pie Charts give a sense of how common these elements are in product imagery.

The report features a number of charts and graphics, and a long form infographic.

Influencer media kit

Branding added to influencer media kit

Few "influencers" I've dealt with have any kind of basic information about their potential reach and costs. I created an example media kit to provide to influencers as a "this is what professionals expect".

The approach I took to create the media kit is discussed in this case study.

Simple blog post infographics

When I write how-to or explanatory blog posts I like to include simple infographics that set out core concepts. As well as being informative, they encourage people to share content.

The first two graphics come from a short series of articles on SEO techniques explaining skyscraping content and off-page SEO. The third is from an introduction to colour for non-designers.

Charts for analysis and reporting

Prepared as part of a report on the Japanese economy over the next 30 years, this shows the rapid decline in the population. The 2024-2050 data wasn't easily accessible, so I decided to "jump" from the end of the series to the 2050 prediction.

From part of a wider report into how London's trains performed, this chart shows the volume of people arriving into London during peak hours. All charts in this series used Gills Sans and a colour scheme that was a nod to British Rail.

Designed as part of a report into Asia's energy markets, this chart shows how some regions in India generate an excess of electricity, while others have to import energy. India's flag was used as the background to the country. This theme was carried over to other countries for their energy markets.

Investment Pitches and Reports

Two parts of a pitch prepared for a client looking to bring in outside investment. The first image is the PowerPoint slide I designed to be shown on a TV screen or through a projector. The second is as it appeared in a printed deck.

You can read how I put this together, and the reasoning behind two decks, in this case study.

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