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I've been designing brochures, reports and magazines for almost three decades. It started with tri-fold brochures for my father's business, went through producing an in-house magazine from scratch for an insurance company and now includes creating investment pitches, analyst reports and brochures.

The following are examples of my work. They show what I can produce, as well as some of my thinking behind the designs.

A Guide to Osaka Castle

Feature concept for a guide to tourist spots in Japan.

Page layout for a travel guide to Osaka in Japan

The feature title page focuses on an image that sets the castle into context, with the bridge leading across to the text on the right.

The trio of images on the top right signpost to parts of the feature and set an expectation for the reader. I incorporated a simple train map, with other factoids to be repeated in the same position on following pages. This breaks up the page and stops it becoming a wall of text.

Company Accounts

Most company accounts are dull and poorly laid out. They meet an accounting standard that fails to communicate key messages to those who might be interested in investing, or who are doing due diligence before buying products and services.

These layouts are recreated from a client project to support their plans to find investors. They've been recreated using non-confidential data and images from my stock library.

Page layout from company accounts highlighting key financial performance indicators

Accounts Highlights

Highlights pull out the main financial performance indicators. The key numbers - revenue, profit and shareholder value - are shown on a single page that grabs the attention.

On the left, more detail and context.

This wouldn't replace the formal accounting statement, although they'd be reassigned to an appendix.

Profile of a CEO in company accounts

Executive Statement

The Executive Statement gives context to the accounts and puts forward commentary on past performance. It also gives space to pitch plans for future strategy.

This layout leads into the statement with a mini-profile of the CEO (the image is from my stock library). Messages from the main text are reinforced with key numbers from the accounts.

The layouts were adjusted for each role. For example, the COO had numbers relating to operational performance, the CMO with marketing and sales statistics.

Plastic Waste Report

A long-read blog post can be reworked into a report or newsletter article. This piece of work took a post examining UK plastic recycling and expanded it into a downloadable PDF format.

Original notes were turned into charts and graphics, with a high impact layout selected. The article was included in a downloadable report for the now-closed These Social Times.

Page layout for a report on plastic recycling in the uk
Page layout for a magazine feature on plastic pollution in the UK

The UK's Plastic Waste Problem

A long-read article was added to a PDF downloadable report. Rather than present a wall of text, it was reworked to give it a magazine style.

The text was short, so I used large, clear graphics to give the piece more weight. Bold lines were used to separate graphics from text, helping them stand clear. I used a palette based around green to reflect the environmental topic, although I avoided using the same colour twice.

Coke bottle explained as a symbol of plastic pollution, but is it fair to complain to Coke when people leave them lying around?

Public Enemy #1

Designed as a full page insert, the piece set out a controversial opinion about the Coke Bottle. The bottle sat in the middle of the page, with bold lines used to place emphasis.

The placement of the bottle meant a reader looking at one page instead of the double spread, would still see a part of the coke bottle on the screen. This ties the piece together.

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