Writing content for blog posts and reports

Writing content for blog posts and reports

I’ve been a published writer since 1999. My credits include broadsheets, trade press and private companies. Since late 2019 I’ve focused more on freelance writing and content creation:

  • Blog posts, long-form articles and static content
  • Reports, analysis and commentary pieces
  • Ghostwritten content for execs, consultants and other people looking to promote their ideas
  • Marketing content such as press releases and outbound emails.

Previous Experience

Between January and its closure in November 2019 I was editor and lead writer for a sustainability news aggregator called These Social Times. I wrote over 30 separate features and articles for the site, as well as a twice-weekly summary of developments in sustainability.

I edited Cardif Pinnacle’s monthly compliance newsletter for 18 months, which was sent to more than 50 financial institutions every month.

For the British Insurance Brokers Association I wrote a guide to e-commerce and edited their directory of insurance broker systems for 2 years.

Insurance Times, where I was a technology columnist for 2 and a half years, as well as contributing ad hoc features.

I wrote a short series of articles for the Daily Telegraph focused on small business and personal insurance.

3 Clippings

My interview with Eco-Entrepreneur Yonas Alemu originally appeared on These Social Times and is now archived on this site.

An article on insurance claims as featured in the Daily Telegraph’s money section.

From LinkedIn – a piece outlining changes to mortgage regulation in the UK aimed at a technical audience.

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