Look in to my Eye – Surrealist Portrait

Look in to my Eye – Surrealist Portrait

Regular readers will know I enjoy surrealism. The surrealist aesthetic and philosophy fascinate me, and resonate with some of my own thinking. Occasionally I like to return to the genre to experiment and play.

While some “surrealists” like to create hyper-realistic images in Photoshop, I prefer to play with some of its more humble origins. Many early surrealists used photography to explore the art form. They experimented with double exposures, exposing photographic paper to light and creating montages that are sometimes striking and haunting.

This piece is me easing myself back into surrealism. It plays a little to the idea that an image doesn’t always have to be a static moment in time. While perfectionists may have mounted their camera on a tripod to obtain the “perfect alignment”, that’s not the approach I wanted. What I wanted imperfection because time moves imperfectly.

I shall be returning to surrealism over the early months of 2020. Stay tuned…

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