Gay marriage – or why respect for religion AND homosexuality must be the winner

You know what, I really couldn’t have given a shit about gay marriage. I was completely apathetic about the whole thing. And I get the feeling 90% of the population probably wouldn’t have noticed or cared or really had much of an opinion about it if someone had quietly passed a law that said gay people could get hitched.

Only someone, somewhere, decided to make it “an issue.” At which point our entire way of life came under threat because we did / did not allow a couple of people to make a commitment to each other and attach an 8 letter word to it.

Now I have to take a stand because if I don’t all the faggots will come and drag me to the church and make me gay and I’ll go to hell; or I’m standing up for a misogynistic, outdated view of a religion I care even less about.

Which means I have to take a side. Do I respect the right of religions that go back a couple of thousand years to continue to be out of date with the modern world; or do I support the right of individuals to express their love for one another? Do I force religion to break down its own dogma, or respect their custodianship of the word “marriage” and the religious import attached to it?

Well I’ve chosen a side – and it is the side of respect.

If a gay couple want to get married because they are in love and it feels like the right thing to do I respect their right to so do. If a priest decides NOT to marry them because his religious beliefs prevent him from doing so then I respect that too. That’s only right and proper and I’m sure that if we take a longer term view we as a society will become as comfortable with the idea of a homosexual couple as we are becoming with interracial ones.

What I will not support, however, are those who do not respect a point of view founded in long held belief. I do not support those who state that gays must never marry because that’s an affront to their version of god. Nor do I support those who say that priests must marry homosexuals because that’s the way the modern world works.

Neither view is right or respectful. Neither view is constructive. Both views seek to force their opinion onto the other. To me that is wrong.

So I’ve chosen my side. Respect gays who choose to marry. Respect those who choose not to marry them.

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Gay marriage – or why respect for religion AND homosexuality must be the winner