It doesn’t matter how much you dress it up…

July 21st, 2018 by Ross A Hall

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Let’s be totally honest. Most drivers see a speed camera, slow down a bit, get past it and then speed up again. Especially if the road they’re firing on is one that feels like it should be faster. If you don’t get it right the chances are you’ll get flashed and a few days later have a lovely letter with a fine and a few points for your licence.

In Watford the local council appear to have hit on a great idea: soften the blow a little with a few splashes of flowers in front of the yellow box.

Not sure how this works though. Maybe they’re hoping you see the flowers, spot the camera and slow down. Rather than be so overwhelmed by the display you don’t notice the camera and earn a quid or two for the local constabulary.

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