When it snows take pictures

March 18th, 2018 by Ross A Hall

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It happens so rarely in the UK that as soon as the snow starts falling everyone has to rush outside to take pictures. I’m guilty of this too, a situation made worse by my having recently purchased a new camera.

And so I dragged my poor, tolerant wife, off to Chesham in Buckinghamshire for a wander round the local park with no other intention than to photograph things. To be fair, my aim wasn’t to capture amazing shots to hang on walls of art galleries. The camera is still new to me and I’m figuring out how it works. Yes, there’s a manual which tells you what buttons to press, but that’s just settings. Every camera is unique and has quirks and features that make shots appear completely different to what you were expecting.

So away we went and I spent a few happy minutes snapping away. Various trees became my models and I marvelled at how the snow reflected the light back up through the branches.

A couple of dozen shots were taken in total and of all of those this is my favourite. I did a little post-processing on it to add a slight tint and of course some sharpening after I reduced the image size. Otherwise, this is pretty much what I saw through the viewfinder and with my own naked eye.



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